Rhododendron Water Association (RWA) is a nonprofit corporation that, among other things, provides water service in the Rhododendron area of Clackamas County, Oregon.

Board Members

President Term 2017-2020
Steven Graeper
8153 SW 66th Place
Portland, OR 97223

Vice-President/Treasurer Term 2018-2021
Ralph Pitt
7435 SE 50th Avenue
Portland, OR 97206-8372

Secretary Term 2016-2019
Merv Novinger
PO Box 332
Rhododendron, OR 97049-0332

Board Member/ Filtration Plant Backup Term 2017-2020
Dan Holm
PO Box 746
Welches, OR 97067-0746

Board Member Term 2018-2021
John Young

Board Member Term 2018-2021
Robert Phillips

Board Member Term 2016-2019
Bill Nylund

Executive Secretary
Laura Patty
PO BOX 163
Rhododendron, OR 97049
Phone: 503-622-5000

Water Master/Filtration Plant Operator/System Engineer
David Jacob
PO Box 375
Rhododendron, OR 97049
Emergency Contact: 503-310-9262