Annual Dues & Assistance

Annual Dues & Assistance

Annual dues for Rhododendron Water Association were due and payable by March 1, which was prior to the COVID-19 crisis. The Board appreciates all of you who were able to submit your annual dues, in full, as usual.

However, there are several members who have either not yet paid, or elected to pay on a quarterly basis. To those who contacted the association and elected to pay dues on a quarterly basis, Thank you. There is no change to the quarterly payment arrangements.

To those who have not yet paid and have not contacted the Association to make payment arrangements, Past Due notices will be mailed shortly. If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 virus, the RWA Board urges you to contact the Association immediately by calling 503-622-5000, so options can be discussed. There are limited funds available through the Rhododendron Water Association Rate Payer Assistance program and those funds are there to assist members in the event of financial emergencies. But the help is only there for those who reach out to the Association, so we urge you to contact RWA very soon as the assistance funds are limited.

Additionally, RWA is reaching out to our members for additional donations to the Rate Payer Assistance program. During this Covid-19 crisis an increased number of our neighbors are finding it difficult to pay their bills as some jobs and incomes have become limited or eliminated entirely. The Rate Payer Assistance program is designed to assist other RWA members who might be experiencing financial difficulties. The program is completely anonymous and is solely funded through donations. Since no RWA general funds are used for the program, the assistance program will only last as long as there are funds in the assistance account.

The RWA Board urges you to consider donating to the RWA Rate Payer Assistance fund. During this Covid-19 crisis an unusually high number of requests for assistance have been processed and the fund is dwindling rapidly. The fund is designed for neighbors helping neighbors. So, as neighbors together, we will all get through the Covid-19 crisis.

Rate Payer Assistance donations should be mailed to:

Rhododendron Water Rate Payer Assistance Program

P.O. Box 163

Rhododendron, OR   97049

Please stay Safe and Healthy!