Best Tasting Surface Water Award for 2014

Best Tasting Surface Water Award for 2014

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Dateline: Rhododendron
April, 2014

Oregon Association of Water Utilities awards Rhododendron Water Association With the Best Tasting Surface Water of the Year for 2014


The Oregon Association of Water Utilities 36th Annual Technical and Management Conference, held each March at the Sunriver Resort, proved to be successful for all attendees.

At the annual awards banquet Rhododendron Water Association was named as the Best Tasting Surface Water in Oregon for 2014.

Rhododendron Water Association has excellent water, which was once again proven this year by an unbiased panel of four judges who blind taste tested drinking water from around Oregon, judging it on clarity, bouquet, and taste.

Rhododendron Water Association also won the award in 2011.

Rhododendron Water Association has been a member of the Oregon Association of Water Utilities (OAWU) since January 1994 and was also presented with a plaque commemorating its 20-year membership in addition to the Best Tasting Award.

OAWU is a non-­profit organization with over 700 members and serves Oregon’s water and wastewater utilities with education, hands-­‐on training, and technical services.

The association serves as a legislative liaison and is active in supporting legislation that improves the utilities that serve Oregon’s residents.

For more information about OAWU, visit their website at or contact the office at 503-­837-­1212.