2015 Annual Meeting

Very Successful RWA Annual Membership Meeting. Draft minutes will be posted when complete. We had over 20 members in attendance for the Annual Meeting, who all enjoyed the RWA hosted Zigzag Inn pizza and beer. The $35.00 CABELA’S Gift Card Door Prize was won by an unsuspecting member who said, “He has always wanted to go to…
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Best Tasting Surface Water Award for 2014

Press Release for immediate print Dateline: Rhododendron April, 2014 Oregon Association of Water Utilities awards Rhododendron Water Association With the Best Tasting Surface Water of the Year for 2014 SUNRIVER, OREGON – The Oregon Association of Water Utilities 36th Annual Technical and Management Conference, held each March at the Sunriver Resort, proved to be successful for all attendees. At the annual awards…
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Best Tasting Surface Water Award for 2011

Rhody Water Garners Best in State Award For the ultimate in drinking water in the state of Oregon, you’ll have to journey all the way to – Rhododendron.

2014 Capital Improvement Project completed in September

RWA-Replacement of insulation on the pipe line at the Swinging Bridge crossing of the Zigzag River (end of Road 10) In September 2014, RWA completed the Capital Improvement project of insulating the water main that crosses the Zigzag River adjacent to the Swinging Bridge.  The old wooden box (the previous insulation system) was removed and a new…
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2013 Capital Improvement Project

In August 2013, Rhododendron Water Association completed a $60,000 Capital Improvement project that consisted of re-building our extremely eroded Diversion Dam that was originally constructed in 1951 at the water system head-works. It was the culmination of a 2-year process of engineering and approved design, securing the necessary permits, finding a qualified contractor and accumulating…
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